An apocalyptic larp
inspired by Lovecraftian works


As a participant in Eskhaton, you will portray a cultist in one of five cults, or someone associated with them in some fashion. You might even portray something not quite human. Each cult worships an Elder God which is their nominal patron, and each Elder God has its own variation on the impending end time. All of the cultists are gathering together at a celebration for this end time. For far too long the cultists hid in the shadows, guarding themselves against intrusive societies and plagued by internecine wars. As a participant at Eskhaton you will play a cultist that is there to celebrate, to worship and to explore what the ‘end time’ actually means for your character. Belief is a powerful commodity and your character’s beliefs might change and shift, mutating over the course of the event many times over depending on what you hear and experience. In the end your character will be altered irrevocably by what has occurred.

This website contains abbreviated background materials on each cult (see below). For more details on the world of Eskhaton, please see our Participant’s Guide.

Participant’s Guide

Expositors of the Unspoken

Cult of Nomen Nescio

The Expositors of the Unspoken are traditional, dedicated and obsessive, these cultists are connected by an insatiable drive to discover secrets hidden in a lost language: the name of their god. Members of the Expositors quickly become obsessed with this mystic lexicon, coming to forsake relationships, goals and even their own well being.

The Anglesey Extant

Cult of N'Klaste

The Extant has survived through the ages mostly in the shadows, after their fall as the Celtic elite. Now they seek to unify the most powerful cult groupings in anticipation of return of their primal gods. Scattered to the corners of the world they have kept to their sacred rites and sanguine rituals through which their god endows them with eldritch secrets of divination, and the power to live well beyond the time of the average mortal coil.

The Mareen

Cult of Illuket

The Mareen are the keepers of memory and conservators of the departed. Having harnessed the primordial power of the sea, cultists to the Elder Goddess Illuket safeguard the consciousnesses of their dead, collecting them for a future purpose. A single Mareen can have upwards of twenty lives within their minds and can call on their collective wisdom at will.


Cult of Aletheia

ProGenus is a cult that is built upon the dueling certainties that the world as we know it is going to end, and that through experimentation, occult rituals, and science, they can grant themselves an edge that will allow them to survive and carve out a future as veritable demigods.

The Pattern Seekers

Cult of Zhahdahdahdon

A group of individuals tied together by alien compulsions and maddening certainties, the Pattern Seekers aim to complete their tasks, perfect their endeavors, and close the infinite, universal fractal. The same obsessions which destroy their lives also grant the Pattern Seekers terrible power.

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