An apocalyptic larp
inspired by Lovecraftian works

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There are limited spots available for Eskhaton. Each character is carefully hand crafted for the individual based upon their preferences, desires and ability. There are many mature themes present in the game that may not be right for everyone. Due to the limited nature of spots and resources we want to make sure that this game is a good fit for you and vice versa.

You must be 21+ to attend this event.

Please fill out the application below and book a time to speak with one of our Experience Experts and get signed up!

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Scholarship Opportunities

We have a very small amount of scholarship tickets available at a reduced price. If you are interested in one of these tickets please fill out the section below. As members of the larp community we want to make our games accessible to as many people as possible while understanding the nature of costs in running a large event such as this. Otherwise please write "n/a".

Why do you want to go to Eskhaton and how would a scholarship make a difference to you?